On-going legal accompaniment

The founding and responsible management of any business require on-going legal accompaniment from planning to the actual establishment of the business, with daily counseling as necessary. On-going legal counseling is a legal umbrella and gate keeper, ensuring the business’ legal and proper operation. We offer on-going legal accompaniment from the initial planning to the founding of a limited company, a partnership or the registration of a licensed dealer, as well as life long legal counseling for that business.

Corporate law

Our office specialized in founding companies and partnerships, preparing incorporation documents including the company’s articles of association, hiring and firing directors, working with the registrar of companies, counseling and/or representation for shareholders and/or partners, appearing before legal instances including a court of finance, representing our customers in various and diverse corporate law issues.

Commercial agreements

Drawing commercial agreements suited to the customer’s requests and to the dynamic business environment, with profound knowledge of the daily changes in contract related legislation and ruling. We have the knowhow and experience in various commercial agreements, including shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, marketing and distribution agreement, workers’ employment agreements, joint venture agreement, agent agreements, brokerage agreements, confidentiality agreements, buildings and equipment leasing agreements, loan agreements, escrow agreements, investment agreements and so forth.

Startup companies

Our office works closely with entrepreneurs, from the project’s confidentiality and legal protection, through the establishment of the right legal entity, drawing all of the project’s agreements and associations, providing legal counseling for fund raising, including investment agreements, allocating stock to investors and so forth.

Liquidating companies and partnerships

The process of liquidating of a company or a partnership requires an experienced professional who knows their way around all liquidation issues and their meaning. Where there are any underlying disaccord between shareholders or partners, an effective and professional liquidation process is of the essence. We have the experience and knowhow in voluntary as well as court mandated liquidations, serving debt claims, settlement proceedings and so forth.

Land and real estate

Our office provides representation in – and management of – land transactions, acquisition and sale of residential apartments, industrial buildings, commercial properties, and lots etc., including representation with contractors, housing companies and so forth.

Tax law

Our office provides legal counseling in various tax issues as well as the preparation of opinions for income tax and tax assessment appeals.

Debt collection and execution proceedings

Debt collection and execution proceedings require thorough knowledge of the execution system and the different collection methods in order to fully realize all legal options. We focus on the collection of on-going debts for businesses and companies.

Legal representation in court and in arbitration proceedings

Extensive and professional legal representation in commercial and civil disputes.